Are you going to get married soon and would you like to make it a thrilling party? Check out the options below. With the help of Dance School El Yoyo and the skilled teachers, your wedding day can be turned into a big party. The styles Salsa and Bachata are perfect for a brilliant start of your wedding.

 Bachelorette party

Surprise the bride or groom with a lovely workshop Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba. With his enthusiasm, Rahiem will make sure that all participants are in a party mood within no-time. Also useful for the big day, because everyone can dance!

 Workshop at bridal location

During your wedding day, guests can get entertained with an exciting workshop. After this lesson, the ice will be broken: no one will stand still anymore and the party will definitely get started. Style and duration of the workshop can be tailored exactly to your wishes. A demonstration by two senior lecturers is also one out of many possibilities.

 Opening dance

Surprising your guests on the most beautiful day of your life with a spectacular opening dance? Astonishing everyone by your dancing skills? With the help of the skillful and friendly teachers of Dance School El YoYo, your opening dance will be rehearsed within no-time. After your personal opening dance, which focuses on your personally chosen song and wishes, everyone will undoubtedly be in the celebration mood. Salsa is perfect for a passionate opening dance, Bachata and Kizomba are ideal options for a more sensual opening dance.

 Wedding arrangements

Combining the above mentioned options can be done by the wedding arrangement. Options within this arrangement are: a DJ, bridal cosmetics and bridal hairdressing including a touch-up. We would like to advise you on all the possibilities to make sure that your wedding day will be unforgettable. Please contact us for prices and additional options.


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